Barefoot hiker falls to his loss of life in Sedona canyon


A barefoot hiker was found dead in a canyon near Sedona, Arizona, after apparently sliding off a ledge while hiking in front of his companions.

Seattle-based Jordan Brashears, 29, was reported missing Thursday night by two new acquaintances he hiked with, the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office reported.

Brashears had met the two men Wednesday and hiked with them the next day on the Boynton Canyon Trail near Sedona’s Enchantment Resort. The area is known for archaeological sites and a “vortex of force”.

In the late afternoon when they were walking on the eastern edge of the canyon, Brashears preceded the other two. When they got to the area where they were expecting him, he was not in sight.

They searched for about an hour and then made an 911 call at 6.15 p.m.

Sheriff’s MPs organized a waning daylight search and returned the next morning by drones and a helicopter. One of Brashear’s companions found a jug of water he had been carrying, and then his phone and shoes were discovered. At 9 a.m. on Friday, Brashears’ body was found 100 feet below the canyon floor.

The sheriff’s report says that evidence suggests the fall was more of an accident than a willful act or foul.

Brashears’ Instagram account, on which he refers to himself as “Explorasaurus Rex,” includes photos from his travels in California and Arizona that month. The last one on Wednesday shows him on a ledge of Sedona’s Cathedral Rock.

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