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VERDE VALLEY – On Wednesday, educators in Beaver Creek and Sedona-Oak Creek school districts will receive their first Moderna vaccine for COVID-19.

Karin Ward, Superintendent at Beaver Creek School, can’t wait.

“Yes sir,” she said. “I’ll be the first.”

Ward said Monday that nearly 50% of the district’s educators said they wanted to be vaccinated against COVID-19, also known as coronavirus.

According to Dennis Dearden, Superintendent of Sedona-Oak Creek, about three-quarters of the district’s educators are interested in getting vaccinated.

“This is an important step that we have been eagerly anticipating in keeping our schools open to personal learning,” Dearden wrote to the district’s families. “We thank the Yavapai County Education Service Agency (YCESA) for facilitating the delivery of vaccines in collaboration with the Yavapai County Community Health Services.”

Sedona-Oak Creek will celebrate an early day Wednesday with a noon release at Sedona-Red Rock Junior / Senior High School and a 12:45 pm release at West Sedona School. The district will have a virtual study on Thursday, January 14th.

“This will protect the classroom in case the possible temporary side effects of vaccination require more substitute teachers than we have available,” Dearden said.

Sedona-Oak Creek schools will resume face-to-face learning on Friday, January 15.

Beaver Creek is taught four days a week and learns virtually on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

In two steps, educators at Beaver Creek and Sedona-Oak Creek will receive their second injection on Thursday, February 11th. This is evident from the Yavapai County’s vaccination schedule published in an email from YCESA Executive Director Stan Goligoski.

Following the two-step vaccination process, Goligoski said the second injection would be given no earlier than 28 days after the first injection.

Goligoski stated that anyone who has had COVID-19 must be symptom-free for at least 90 days to receive this vaccine. Anyone who has ever had an allergic reaction to injection or any other allergic reaction should check with their doctor about a COVID-19 vaccination, he also said.

Educators are part of Phase 1B of COVID-19 vaccine distribution. According to the Centers for Disease Control website, Phase 1B includes key workers such as food and agriculture, utilities, police, fire departments, correction officers, and transportation companies.

In Phase 1B, Yavapai County’s Community Health Services (YCCHS) has subordinated education, childcare and first responders, Director Leslie Horton told the county’s school districts in an email on Friday.

“In Yavapai County, we do not yet have adequate vaccine supplies to begin vaccinating (75 year olds or older) essential workers and other populations at the same stage,” said Horton.

Horton stated that YCCHS currently has “approximately 3,900 doses per week for the entire county”.

“So 1B is initiated, but only with certain priority populations to get vaccinations first,” Horton said. “We’ll start rolling out 1B from the week of January 11-15, but won’t open vaccinations to all populations in 1B until we have adequate supplies and suitable providers on board to help us.”

Horton also stated that the county health department “hopes to have the help of pharmacies and other health partners ready to vaccinate more of these 1B populations as early as the week of Jan. 19.”

“Please also keep in mind that we are still completing Phase 1A vaccinations and there will be some phase overlap until Walgreens and CVS finalize their vaccinations for long-term care facilities,” said Horton.

Beaver Creek educators get their vaccines on campus, Sedona-Oak Creek educators at Sedona-Red Rock High School.

Most Cottonwood-Oak Creek educators get their first injection on Thursday, January 14th and the remainder on Tuesday, January 19, said Steve King, superintendent of Cottonwood-Oak Creek.

The second injection for educators from Cottonwood-Oak Creek is scheduled for February 16-17.

On Monday, King said he was unsure whether he would be the first person in his district to be vaccinated – or the last in his district.

“If I go first, I’ll set an example,” said King. “When I go last, it’s like I’m captain of your ship.”

Clarkdale-Jerome and Mingus Union educators will receive their first injection on Tuesday January 19th and their second injection on February 17th.

Cottonwood-Oak Creek, Clarkdale-Jerome, and Mingus Union educators get their vaccines at the Cottonwood-Oak Creek County Office.

According to a recent poll, about 75% of Mingus Union educators surveyed said they were taking the COVID-19 vaccine, Superintendent Mike Westcott said.

Camp Verde educators will receive their first injection on Thursday January 28th and their second injection on March 2nd.

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