Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell’s youngsters do not care about Frozen


Dax Shepard tells about life in quarantine about Kristen Bell and her two daughters. (Photo: Getty Images)

Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell panicked when they learned their kids won’t be returning this fall.

“I think we all had a moment in LA: ‘Oh no. No no no no no. We can’t do another five months of Zoom school, ”Shepard said on Friday with a laugh to Yahoo Entertainment. “But we will!”

The Armchair Expert podcast host, who shares daughters Lincoln, 7, and Delta, 5 with the actress, admitted that quarantine was initially an adaptation for her.

“We had a really rocky day in the first three weeks,” shares Shepard, who promotes his summer partnership with Planet Oat. “We are a well-oiled machine that sees each other two and a half hours a day. We nail this, but when we turned 18 [hours] Some adjustments had to be made. “

Shepard continues, “It’s the lesson I like to learn every three months in marriage. She is vulnerable, honest, communicates. These are all things I believe in, but when things go along it’s just so easy not to do all of these things. Then of course the dynamics change and it just requires more communication and more vulnerability. It worked, but it took me three weeks to get ready because it took her so long. “

Add the element that kids don’t go to school and even celebrities aren’t immune to the chaos in their homes.

“The Zoom training was tough,” says Shepard. “Sure, I was the worst. Kristen was better at it, but I don’t think she loved it either. Once that was gone – we were like now, we’re just a unit hanging out, that’s great! There is no guilt for what we are supposed to do. “

The actor says their unit “really hummed along”. The girls, he explains, are not as affected by the pandemic as he and Bell.

“I always try to remind myself that this isn’t shocking to her. This is her childhood. Everything in my childhood was “normal” because it’s the only thing I knew, ”he explains. “You don’t really compare 45 years without quarantine to one. You compare five years. So it doesn’t seem like that big a deal to them. They wear masks, they don’t care. “

The story goes on

Shepard laughs, “If they weren’t wearing masks they’d wear a towel around their head or a shirt over their necks like it was a scarf. They do that anyway.”

The Shepard Bell crew will be doing distance learning from the street this fall if everything goes according to plan. The Bless This Mess star said they left bail on an RV and that they “work across the country while the kids are hooked up to Zoom”. You were just doing a little test run when Shepard’s work on Top Gear America resumed.

“We have just been to Sedona [Arizona] for 12 days with another family we [quarantine] Pod with and it was heaven. We just had the best time ever, ”he says. “We just stumbled on the street, then we rented a house and it was heaven.”

The other family in the quarantine pod are the Hansens, as in Bell’s Veronica Mars co-star Ryan Hansen, his wife Amy Russell, and their three daughters.

“We’ve done everything to them for the past 13 years,” reveals Shepard. “We only had a few vacations without them, we do everything with them. Our daughters are the same age so they start playing together, then we can actually play cards and stuff. I don’t understand families who vacation alone. “

But don’t expect Frozen to play on the go. Shepard said the girls would rather see Sing “over and over”.

“They love Frozen, but they’re not like some of the other kids. I think because her mom sings it, it’s just not that impressive. They are more drawn to other things, ”he explains, explaining that the girls understand the voices of their mother Frozen’s Anna very well.

“Of course, if your mother did anything – your mother could have landed on the moon and you would have said, ‘Oh, I think people’s parents land on the moon, whatever. ‘Again it goes back to “Whatever your situation is is perfectly normal.” For Kristen as Anna, that seems impressed. “

Shepard laughs that her kids would prefer to do cool game shows.

“They are children. They want us on the ground is lava, ”he adds to the Netflix series. “I’m doing a voice on PAW Patrol: The Movie and they’re pretty excited about it because this is their own discovery that I’m going to join. Kristen and I both did Story Pirates, this great podcast for the kids who love them, and they said, “Wait, are you on Story Pirates?” It has to be something they love that we then join in so that they are impressed. “

The whole family will be impressed by the Planet Oat Summer Kit and frozen desserts without dairy products.

“We shredded a lot of banana splits,” says Shepard. “Anytime we can sneak fruit or vegetables into their meal, it’s a great victory.”

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