Extra Californians making Arizona their fast getaway vacation spot amid strict lockdown orders


SEDONA, AZ – With California having much stricter lockdown regulations, many Californians come to Arizona to leave their homes and enjoy our beautiful state.

A Sedona business owner Carl Johnson tells ABC15 that the influx of tourists from California has increased amid the pandemic. Typically 15-20% of his business comes from California. On Memorial Day weekend and the previous weekends, those numbers are closer to 60-70%, he says.

The Morin family say it was difficult to stay home and do nothing. It’s the feeling many Californians who still stay at home share. When they saw that Arizona was “open,” they wanted to leave.

“I think our whole attitude has changed … being outside and seeing a place we’ve never seen before,” says Morin.

The influx of visitors from our neighboring state also had a good impact on some businesses, including Johnson’s Sedona businesses.

He says his weekend sales were almost 30% higher than the previous ones. It’s a welcome sign, especially when Sedona depends on international tourists, not necessarily Californians.

“The whole market is gone,” says Johnson.

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