How Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan Turned Wrestling’s Biggest Tag Staff


There’s no need to rush to the finish line when you’re at it for the long haul.

Because a decade after the WWE accidentally played matchmaker, the two got their tag team status in the ring, in E! ‘S Total Bellas – the show they shoot with Brie’s sister – and solidified in life.

On August 1, almost four months after celebrating their sixth wedding anniversary, the athletes welcomed their second child and were just as surprised by the gender of their son as they were by their older sister Birdie Joe Danielson. “We are overwhelmed with joy and everyone is healthy !!!” Brie wrote in an Instagram post on Sunday. The cherry on the cake: Baby Danielson was born with a built-in best friend, Nikki – Brie’s 16-minute younger twin – who had just greeted her son the day before.

As for mom and dad, after months of lawsuit, how busy careers and parenting responsibilities have led them to “kind of grow apart,” as Brie put it on the final season of Total Bellas, they have become one Fought back the sweet spot of their relationship.

On a trip to Sedona, Arizona, where they were married in 2014, they got back together and moved past the stage Bryan described as “just trying to survive,” and off the ropes, so to speak. “I feel like we had to reach a really difficult place of questioning, if we were right for each other, if our future was right … and I had to be reminded that marriage isn’t easy and just won’t be there . “Brie thought about it. “You have to work on it. And I have a really good husband. He’s such an amazing man.”

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