Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker street journey to Sedona, web freaks out


Model and boulevard favorite Kendall Jenner has decided to go to Arizona and take a road trip to Sedona with Devin Booker, guardian of the Phoenix Suns, according to TMZ. All of these words that make up a sentence have made Hollywood gossip and NBA interwebs buzz.

“Kendall and his friends have a small social circle within the group who followed the same guidelines for social and physical distancing. Devin is a friend and part of the small group, ”a source told TMZ, adding that the two aren’t dating, they’re just friends.

“They went on a road trip for the much-needed air.”

That is all well and good.

TMZ released a video of Booker and Jenner rushing into his Maybach at a rest stop near Sedona when people recognized them. TMZ sources stressed that the two were keeping their distance from others, and it should be noted that road driving is not against Arizona rules in the face of the COVID-19 threat.

Here’s a bad thing in case you didn’t know: Kendall Jenner, sister Kylie, and step-siblings Khloe, Kourtney, and Kim Kardashian have a certain reputation for meeting NBA players.

One such player, James Harden, admitted that he was bothered by attention when dating Khloe. Sports Illustrated wrote that Harden considered it the worst year of his life.

Anyway, drama tends to follow, and that appeared on Wednesday morning after the article was published by TMZ. Booker’s supposed ex-girlfriend Jordyn Woods posted a few trash can emojis before deleting it.

Anyway, basketball fans hoped Booker was having fun in Sedona while being safe from the coronavirus.

Others hoped this wouldn’t be a harbinger of bad things in his basketball career.


– BK (@blakekimball) April 29, 2020

Kardashian curse is coming @DevinBook noooooooooo !!!!!

– Bobby Brewer III (@ BobbyBrewer20) April 29, 2020

“Recordings I’ve made wet as I’m book”

– Sick mode is my religion (@ Julian_327_) April 29, 2020

PG – Ben Simmons
SG – D’Angelo Russell
SF – Devin Booker
PF – Kyle Kuzma
C – Blake Griffin

Bank – Jordan Clarkson

Potential FA Targets – Aaron Gordon, Zach LaVine, Klay Thompson, Austin Rivers, Michael Porter Jr., Lonzo Ball.

– CJ Curry (@curtisbcurry) April 29, 2020

There goes his career

– Countondanny (@ Countondanny1) April 29, 2020

@ DevinBook DO👏🏽 BETTER👏🏽

– Diomadness🇻🇪 (@Diomadiz) April 29, 2020

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