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Kendall Jenner and Phoenix Suns player Devin Booker separately posted similar pictures of themselves hanging in the mountains just days apart, leading to speculation that they are spending a lot more time together.

are Kendall Jenner, 24 and Devin Booker, 23, take their casual dating status to the next level? That is the question that fans ask about the model and Phoenix Suns The basketball player posted almost identical Instagram images of mountains in Arizona within a few days, suggesting they could have taken a short vacation together. Although they weren’t in each other’s photos, it wasn’t long before some followers put two and two together and finally posted their thoughts on Twitter.

Devin first shared his post, seen above, on July 13th, and it included three pictures of him hiking in Slide Rock State Park in Sedona. He wore an orange hoodie and jeans and looked happy with a smile on his face as he walked over the impressive rock. “Red Rock / Slide Rock,” he labeled the post.

Kendall posted her pictures, which can be seen here a few days later on July 18, and while she didn’t say where she was, it looked like the same Arizona landscape as Devin’s pictures. One of them shows her in a black bikini as she looks back at the mountains and takes a picture on her phone. A second shows her from behind with a view of the mountains, a jet of water and a boat. “not on earth a few weeks ago, ”she wrote in the headline.

Kendall Jenner posted Instagram pictures on July 18, 2020 that were similar to Devin Booker’s. (AP Images)

If the pictures of Kendall and Devin are indeed an indication that they recently spent some time together in the desert, it could mean one of two things: they were just looking for company after many months in quarantine, or they are approaching their relationship! “With the full knowledge that people know they are together. Everything is thought out and planned. No accidents, ”wrote a Twitter user in response to the message that the pictures look like they were taken in the same place.

“Sixers vs Suns August 11th … there’s a lot of talk going on during this game!” Another wrote while others said it wasn’t surprising when they hang out.

Kendall and Devin were spotted hanging out earlier this year, including a recent Memorial Day hangout, but have been largely safe in their homes since the COVID-19 pandemic. Though many states are still slow to reopen, the young stars’ recent apparent vacations prove they are still ready to safely get outside to enjoy the outdoors and each other whenever they can, which means that they could soon spend more time together. Devin, who spends a lot of time in Arizona because it is the home base of his basketball team, is now in Orlando, FL preparing for the NBA restart.

We will be on the lookout to see if these two are discovered in the same place again soon!

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