Kurt Gehlbach, Do lots of extra automobiles in Uptown make sense for the town of Sedona?


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SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie Maddock provides a forum for Sedona mayoral candidate Kurt Gehlbach to provide his perspective on the city council’s March 2020 decision to purchase 430 Forest Road (Uptown) for above appraised value approve and charge more than $ 11 million in new debt to the city’s taxpayers if the projected income from the tourism parking meter can’t service the debt.

Sedona AZ – Although the earth continues its normal rotation as a sphere, the world inhabitants have been thrown into an extraterrestrial orbit that is NOT in space. The severity of the deadly coronavirus is reality in its truest form. Isn’t it something amazing to be shocked and face the fact that mere mortals really don’t have much control?

However, despite the turmoil, it is an election year and pandemic survivors have the privilege of casting votes in Sedona for candidates vying for Sedona mayor and changing seats on Sedona City Council.

The two mayoral candidates remain Mayor Sandy Moriarty and opt for another term and a new name on the list. Kurt Gehlbach.

Since the coronavirus conflict will most likely hinder the opportunity for city council candidate forums ahead of the August main vote, Mr. Gehlbach contacted me and inquired about the possibility for Sedona Eye to post some information about him. Therefore, this resulting article has been derived solely from email communications, which the mandate does not require private meetings, consultations or even phone calls.

Mr. Gehlbach decided at the council meeting on March 24th 2020 to focus on his own perspective regarding the recent approval of the city council:

  • AB 2570 Approve a resolution approving a property purchase and sale agreement for the City of Sedona to purchase the property at 430 Forest Road (APN 401-160-71) in Coconino County, Sedona City, Arizona for $ 480,000 for use as a parking garage.

Due to the recent global events that are causing such upheaval and uncertain economic forecasts, Kurt Gehlbach sticks to this premise:

Sedona AZ Uptown tourist traffic. The city plans to build parking garages for 500 additional vehicles in Uptown to encourage shopping. [Photo courtesy The Arizona Republic]

“The responsibility of elected officials rests with the residents of Sedona. Due to the uncertainty of grave implications for the World Health Organization’s predicted spread of the coronavirus, our government is required to re-consult with residents on any decisions made prior to the start of Sedona’s devastating shutdowns. “

He continues: “In terms of real estate, I personally have 24 years as a licensed real estate agent and residential developer, always successful in every negotiation. Why? Experience, research, knowledge and always emotionally ready to negotiate.

All things considered, I would never push home buying during an election year, and certainly not if we knew there was a possibility of another financial recession.

When moving forward in favorable conditions, the first thing I will do is request an updated review from the owner. While waiting for the rating, I personally research all of the comparative properties to compare it to the rating. If the review comes in I’ll go hell check to make sure everything is correct and up to date. When the negotiation begins, I never offer an appraised value and I begin the negotiation below the rating, especially if it is a cash transaction. “

Questioning the city’s wisdom after paying $ 100,000 more than estimated value on the recommendation of the city administrator, Mr Gehlbach stated:The people of Sedona have now been ripped off by sheer ignorance! “

His conclusion is that the City of Sedona has now set a precedent for overvaluing FUTURE land acquisitions, challenging the premise that “property is only worth what the buyer is willing to pay”. Is that true when the investment was initially overpriced?

Regarding future parking spaces in Uptown, Kurt Gehlbach has this to say:

A recent ADOT traffic study found that the majority of tourist traffic in Sedona is traveled miles to cross Sedona’s city limits without stopping before continuing the SR 89A to reach its northern destinations.

“$ 11.5 million to place 300 cars in downtown Uptown. This is one of two parking structures that total around 500 more cars in Uptown Sedona. Add another $ 500,000 or more for the “ledge” they’ll find when they dig at least 2 stories or 30 feet (??). “

Kurt continues: “Not so long ago, our Mayor Sandy Moriarty was idiosyncratic part of the Global Civic Association on Climate and Energy, which aimed to cut emissions and reduce Sedona’s carbon footprint over the next three years. Does that make sense for someone? “

Regarding the residents of Sedona, Kurt Gehlbach reports:

“Before the lockdown, I spent days and hours walking door-to-door in our city, collecting 200 signatures myself while I was talking.

The emotions are everywhere and many of our residents are very angry. I am really very concerned about the future of Sedona, so I believe that the conversation about Sedona itself and our residents needs to be to include their mixed anger towards this government. We as a city must come together now to bring about change through a government that listens with and for the people of Sedona, reacting, informing, creating and thriving. How about using the opportunity for such a collaboration that gives new life and hope for Sedona’s survival? “

End of the contribution by Sedona’s mayoral candidate, Kurt Gehlbach. Read, study, ask questions and definitely plan to vote in August. Life in Sedona goes on and be grateful every day for what we have and, as we see fit, how we can best preserve and protect this special corner of the world.

End of the announcement. Cheers. Be sure. Stay healthy.

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