Native Roundup: NPA Spartans baseball routes Sedona Crimson Rock, 10-0, in 5 innings | Native



The 2A Northland Prep Spartans scored a huge win on the road on Thursday against rivals Central Region Sedona Red Rock.

The Spartans dominated the road to a 10-0 win by grace rules in five innings, excluding the Host Scorpions, kept busy by a strong day ahead of pitcher Caiden Cribbs’ start.

Northland Prep improved to 2-0 early in the season while Sedona Red Rock fell to 2-1 after two straight wins.

The runs came during the game when Northland Prep scored two in the first inning, three in the second, one in the third, three in the fourth, and one in the fifth.

Cribbs tossed a full game, knocking out 10 batters as he allowed two hits and two more walked. The defense behind him was solid too and has only made one mistake. Aside from this one mistake, things were as smooth as they could get.

The Spartans only recorded five hits, but did most of their damage on the base paths. The Spartans stole 10 bases, three from Cribbs and three more from Chase Hamilton. Three other Spartans – Jerry Wilson, Jordan Donahue and Connor Barta – have registered stolen bases.

Hamilton was leading with a 2v4 day with an RBI, Barta went 1 to 2 with a pair of RBIs, and Wilson went 1 to 3 with an RBI. The Spartans have been run off by the Scorpions’ pitchers eight times.

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