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The Sedona Welcomers members invited me to their monthly meeting on Wednesday January 25th to discuss journalism and performance poetry, two aspects of writing that define my professional and personal life.

Regarding performance poetry that I could talk about for days, I invite curious residents to see them firsthand by participating in one of the poetry slams we poets run at the Mary D. Fisher Theater. The next is Saturday February 4th.

When it comes to journalism, I am always ready to speak to local organizations interested in learning more about our job in general, and the Sedona Red Rock News in particular.
Press releases from local residents form the backbone of our newspaper. These are sent in by readers and residents who promote their nonprofit organizations, clubs or organizations as well as events, classes, festivals and community offerings. Events that are free and open to the public have priority as they appeal to more readers than events that are free to enter.

Press releases announce store openings, new managers, employee of the month or year, promotions and retirement of employees.

All of our guidelines for these types of events can be found on our website under the “Submit Press Release” link at the bottom of the page. We have written an in-depth guide for those readers who may never have written or submitted a press release before. We sincerely want to hear about your event.

Members of the Sedona Welcomers also asked how we choose which letters to deliver to the editor. The guidelines are simple: 300 words or less, no personal attack, facts must contain documentation. Authors must provide their full names, home addresses, and phone numbers so that we can call and clarify with any questions about a sentence.

Email letters to

If you disagree with someone on a message or with one of my editorials, I’ll be more than happy to write your letter. We don’t choose based on content.

The few letters we fail to provide are usually from readers outside the Verde Valley or from authors who refuse to give their names or who fail to provide a documented source for their facts and question them. If there’s a question of fact, I’ll email the authors to clarify what they mean or ask them to provide a source for their data that most can provide. they just forgot.

Even with that handful, we probably run 95 percent of the letters we receive.

If you have an opinion on the direction of our city, county, state, or country, or have a comment on a news item, editorial, column, or other letter, drop us a line. I’d rather have to spill excess letters on page 5A than be undercut on page 4A.

Also, as many readers can attest, I am more than willing to reply to emails asking why we posted certain messages or further explain if they have any questions. I try to be as simple and detailed as possible in explaining the how and why of our reporting or our editorial stance. Even if you do not agree, please send us a letter.

We have a dynamic newsroom and my employees are very familiar with the topics we deal with. Each of our reporters has their name, email address and phone number, and the bottom of the messages if you want to contact them directly.

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