Sedona Arts Academy grand opening of Arts & Neighborhood Middle


The Sedona Arts Academy (SAA) is proud to announce its opening on October 17th from 12pm to 8pm at the Collective Sedona in the village of Oak Creek.

The Sedona Arts Academy (SAA) is proud to announce its opening on October 17th from 12pm to 8pm at the Collective Sedona in the village of Oak Creek. A ribbon cutting ceremony is followed by a day of arts, performances, and musical entertainment. SAA is pleased to bring its vision of education, collaboration and innovation in all artistic forms closer to the people of the Verde Valley.

Sedona Arts Academy is a nonprofit professional organization dedicated to providing educational and community programs to our residents and visitors in Sedona and the Verde Valley.

The Sedona Arts Academy & Community Center is an educational and cultural center dedicated to innovating and creating art in all forms. The center provides an environment in which one can learn and master challenges so that all people who walk through the doors can achieve their personal goals.

An open day will take place on October 17th. Local actors will perform short skits and monologues throughout the day, including young actors who have participated in the Emerson Theater Collaborative’s Summer Youth Theater Program. Youth actors include Savannah Royal, Skyrah Jade, Noah Puckett, Linus Weber, and Gianna and Jace Wilson. Camilla Ross, Larry Rosenberg, Lisa Glinsky, Denise Royal, Gale Grove, Joan Westmoreland and Andrea Ferazz-Bokenham will also perform.

Arizona ballet dancer Jessica Phillips will give a short dance demonstration. Later on, Sedona’s own Harta Dunia will have a 30-minute drum circle demonstration for the community to attend.

Chef Rossi of the Raging Skillet in NYC will be making a virtual call at 1:00 p.m. to talk about her upcoming production of Raging Skillet, which premieres in Sedona on May 6th and 9th, 2021 at SAA. The cast includes the fabulous Kathryn Kates from Orange, the New Black, and Jerry Seinfeld’s The Rye and The Dinner Party.

The evening is rounded off with a DJ and music by Henry Bokenham and the Ike Remalho Trio from Phoenix. The trio play Brazilian and jazz standards and SAA’s Andrea Ferazz-Bokenham will be with them for a few numbers as well.

Our gallery will display photographs by Jim Peterson of Sedona and art by Beverly Copen, Karen O’Donnell, John Oaks, and Rick and Carol Gandolfo during the Open House.

SAA has a wonderful interior space with all the equipment necessary for theatrical productions, professional meetings, events, courses, workshops and office space.

The space is available for rent including, but not limited to, use of portable staging, lighting, sound system, screens, and a baby wing.

The companies based at the Sedona Arts Academy & Community Center are Emerson Theater Collaborative, Sedona Chamber Ballet, Sedona Shakespeare Co., and Sedona Conservatory.

SAA is located at The Collective Sedona, 7000 SR 179 Ste. C-100, Sedona, AZ 86351. Visit SAA at

For more information, please contact Camilla Ross at 928-288-2258 or email

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