Sedona Eye » Academics and Firefighters and State Staff aren’t bargaining chips


Sedona AZ – The following is a letter to the editor:

I am addressing you at a crucial time today …

Our team’s Emily Seidel emailed Thursday about a proposal from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to save states that have been reckless for decades, spending up to $ 1 trillion.

We should help the people who are hurt and not save the politicians for irresponsible decisions they made before this crisis.

But states like New York, California, and Illinois are calling for hundreds of billions of bailouts to pay for their past mistakes and fuel spending on their projects of special interest and expensive programs.

That’s rude! But it gets worse.

Spokesman Pelosi’s new trillion dollars in federal funding for these bailouts – well above the record spending of recent weeks! These numbers are outrageously unfair to Americans and have no bearing on the current crisis we are facing. They almost always help more special interests than the people who are hurt.

We all want to help our teachers, firefighters, and other government workers whom we all rely on. States should do this by prioritizing the resources they have and have already received. You shouldn’t use them as bargaining chips to get massive federal bailouts.

States in precarious budgetary positions due to poor decisions made prior to the COVID crisis must implement reforms that enable them to meet the needs of their people.

Big bills like this one are ripe for corruption and cronyism of particular interest. There are better ways to help the people who need it.

We ask you to stand up for us and to reject these political bailouts. You can start by clicking here to sign our pledge against them.

With your help, AFP plays an important role in defending against the worst kinds of political opportunism and mobilizing millions behind a better path for a stronger country. Together, we will continue to advocate solutions that will help Americans get back to work safely, get our economy going without bankrupting the country, and improve health care both during and after we are overcome.

I hope you will take a moment today to join the thousands of Americans who have already signed the pledge to oppose government bailouts.

Your activism is crucial in laying the foundation for coming out of this unprecedented time stronger and more dynamic than before.

Best regards,

Americans for Prosperity Foundation

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