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BOSTON, MA / ACCESSWIRE / October 30, 2020 / Recently, mental health has taken center stage as a growing problem. The number of people suffering from depression, anxiety, and many other mental health problems has increased over time. And the Southwest Spiritual Enhancement Center is on the agenda for many churches and counties in the country.

The Southwest Spiritual Enhancement Center brings years of expertise and experience in balancing Eastern and Western approaches to transformative experiences that heal the mind and body. The center accepts customers across the country and also has international customers.

Southwest Spiritual is a product of the work and love of Nicholas Stanley. The center’s founder and director is a graduate of the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, Arizona. Nicholas graduated as a Mind-Body Wellness Practitioner. Nicholas works as one of the most prestigious certified clinical hypnotherapists in Boston, Massachusetts, and works with many people to transform the way they live and achieve better mental wellbeing. He received the William F. Connell ’55 Service Award and was recognized by the City of Lynn for outstanding service in the Boston area.

When COVID-19 broke into a pandemic, Nicholas began working with many customers in the United States. Today his practice works with people in Phoenix, Arizona, New York, New York, Kentucky, New Mexico, Hawaii, Alabama, and Los Angeles. He also started working with overseas clients from countries like India and the UK.

The Southwest Spiritual Enhancement Center is designed to create a safe place of healing for people by allowing them to hug themselves and travel with them through a time of self-discovery. The practice uses a variety of healing modalities including coaching, mentoring, meditation, clinical hypnosis programs, support groups, and other intervention programs. Southwest Spiritual works with people suffering from anxiety, depression, addictions, and other debilitating mental health issues that hold them back from growing.

The spiritual center lies in the fundamental belief that everyone deserves happiness and wellbeing. Her goal is to guide people through a revitalizing experience that will help them get more out of their life by discovering and living their true calling and identity. While the healing journey can be challenging, the Center for Spiritual and Spiritual Wellbeing works with everyone, regardless of their background, to help them transform and reach their greatest potential.

Next year, the Southwest Spiritual Enhancement Center is hoping to host its first holistic yoga festival in Sedona, Arizona. The event is designed to bring together practitioners in the field of holistic wellbeing, including yoga teachers, nutritionists, trainers, hypnotherapists, teachers and students. Through the event, the center would like to offer people from all walks of life the opportunity to experience major changes and transformations.

The company hopes to connect with more psychologists and facilities in the New York City and Boston areas to further advance hypnosis and wellbeing. This is said to help achieve better results in the field of mental health and spiritual healing.

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