SRRHS senior Cooper Barber reflective of time with Scorpions


When Arizona’s schools closed for the remainder of the school year, the season ended prematurely for spring sports teams across the state – including the Sedona Red Rock High School baseball team. But while the COVID-19 pandemic ended a promising season, most Scorpions will return to diamond in 2021. One player who won’t be a Senior Cooper Barber.

Barber was in his fourth year with the SRRHS baseball team and was one of only two seniors on the roster. Barber expressed some frustration as he looked back on his busy season that it wasn’t. But he also had a positive outlook on the time he had before.

“Sure it sucks,” said Barber. “But I’ve had three really good years with all of these people. It’s a shame I don’t get another chance, but I can always come back and watch these guys and hang out with them during the season next year. “

In his abbreviated final season, Cooper only hit .222 but still effectively rose for the Scorpions, recording a .462 OBP. Barber was also the starting player in Sedona’s victory over Mayer on March 3. He completed the entire seven innings, allowing only one inexperienced run with one hit and one step in winning performance.

Barber also had a good final memory of the Scorpions when their 15-6 win over Joseph City on March 5 was the team’s last game.
Barber went 0-1 but drew two runs and scored one run for Sedona.

During Barber’s academic year, he became a teammate of his older brother Dawson Barber, who graduated from SRRHS as part of the 2017 class.

As he got older, Barber’s role on the team expanded. As a four-year-old player and one of only two seniors on the roster, Barber gave a natural leadership role with the Scorpions, a role he welcomed.

“I like being a leader, especially on the baseball team,” said Barber. “To be able to help the younger children, the newbies, to play with them, to be a leader, to show them the ropes and have fun with them.”

In addition to his time on the SRRHS baseball team, Barber was a member of the Mountain Bike Club team while in school. This is because of his love of cycling, an activity he started about eight years ago.

Outside of sports, Barber said his interests are hanging out with family and friends – something he recognized is difficult to do during the quarantine period.

As for the future, Barber said he will likely be attending Northern Arizona University next fall to pursue a career in sports management. While the COVID-19 pandemic ended his career as a competitive baseball player, Cooper could wait a lifetime for sports – although the exact role is yet to be determined.

“I would like to try to get in [pro sports] – I would like to do that, ”he said. “Not [any job] certain. Really everything. “

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